about us

When Good Time Charley’s opened its doors in 1979 and the first student walked in, a campus tradition was born. Charley’s quickly became the place to be for both faculty and students. Located on S. University and Church St, we are at the heart of central campus.


Certain traditions have developed over the 30 plus years that we’ve been open, like sharing our famous Count Twists and Styx with friends while watching U of M sports. Or taking a shot on your 21st birthday from the “deadly sins” section of our shooter list. And of course, sitting on our patio and enjoying a cold beer while people watching on the first day of spring. These are experiences all U grads relish.

Like all good traditions, Charley’s is constantly evolving, and we’re being recognized too. With the expansion of our drink menu, TV viewing, and focus on quality burgers, Good Time Charley’s was voted best bar on campus, and in one magazine’s opinion, 14th best bar in the country.

So on your birthday, on a warm spring day, on a home football game, or a random winter afternoon, you can find a new student experiencing the same traditions over 300,000 other students have built over our past 30 year history.